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Buy Online Wholesale Branded Shoes at Affordable Prices

Buy Online Wholesale Branded Shoes at Affordable PricesIf you’re looking to buy wholesale sneakers & shoes, TDW is your best place to buy. We bring in products from more than a hundred department stores across the United States. At any time, you are assured that whatever brand you want is in stock. We also ensure that the goods you buy are at low prices. Having been in the wholesale business for long, we always want to make our customers get the best deals on wholesale brand name shoes. Our inventory is rich in variety. We bring in branded shoes from Evan-Picone, 9West, Piloti, Perry, Bass, Aigner, Adidas, Allure, Citicross, Caressa and much more. Some of the packages we offer are listed below.

Assorted Branded Sneakers

These shoes come in bags containing twenty-five pairs. The shoes come in various sizes ranging from seven to eleven. We ensure that all the shoes are paired. The offer is available for an assortment of men’s, ladies’ and children’s shoes. These shoes can be transported in large quantities up to seven hundred and twenty-five bags in a forty-inch container.

Assorted Cow Boy Shoes

Our cowboy shoes are of top quality. The minimum shipment comprises of twenty-five bags. Each bag contains twenty pairs of shoes. The shoes come in an assorted mixture of men and women’s shoes.

Kmart All New Overstock Footwear

These wholesale brand name shoes are sold at the lowest rate in the market. The shoes are sold by pallets or truckloads. The nature of our sale employs a first come first served basis. The packages come in mixtures of sandals, dress shoes or casual shoes.

High-End Men’s Footwear

If you’re looking for men’s shoes at a wholesale price, we have the right offer for you. We offer brands ranging from Cat, Bass, Bostonian, Brooks, Madeline Stuart, Giorgio, Brutini amongst others. These shoes are in high demand. We advise that you contact us to inquire about the current inventory.

High-End Women’s Footwear

When it comes to ladies’ shoes, our prices are second to none. We offer an assortment of branded ladies shoes at the lowest prices. These brands include Michael Kors, DKNY, Clarks, Esprit, Bandolino, Liz Claiborne, Nine West, Guest, Sketchers, Kenneth Cole and Steve Madden. We aim to ensure that our inventory has the best of the latest fashion trends.

Aldo Shoes

These shoes come mostly in their original packaging. We offer an assortment of men and women’s shoes. We require that buyers purchase a minimum of 500 pairs of shoes from this category.

Used Assorted Footwear Grade A

Our last category features used shoes that are of excellent quality. These shoes are well selected to ensure we give you good products. The shoes cater for a wide population including children, men, and women of all sizes.

The groups listed above are some of the categories of shoes that we have. If you’re looking to buy wholesale sneakers, contact TDW Closeouts today.